Diapers – Guess Which Ones Are Made in USA?

So you’d think that something like diapers would be made domestically, right?  So did I.  I just went shopping for diapers at Rite Aid for the first time in a long time (my second daughter was just born :)!).  They had Pampers, Huggies, and Rite Aid store brand.   I checked the labels and discovered that Pampers are all made in Mexico!  Who’d a thunk it?  Huggies and the Rite Aid store brand ones are made in USA.  Also, the price on the Huggies and the Pampers was exactly the same.

So if it’s cheaper to make diapers in Mexico, where do you think the extra money is going that Pampers has left over?  Not to US workers, you can bet on that!   Maybe to shareholders or fat executives.  I’d rather buy Rite Aid store brand diapers than Pampers.  Naturally, I walked out with the Huggies, not the Pampers.

Actually, we generally use washable diapers made by Bumgenius which help the environment and are made in USA.  A newborn goes through so many diapers that we’ll only start using the washables after a couple of months.  I’m very happy with the bumgenius diapers though – they save energy, money, and didn’t pile up as garbage.  We bought a set of 12 one and a half years ago for our first child and they are still going strong.  Check them out on the bumgenius.com website.

The bottom line is, if there are no large savings to us, why should any of us fork over our hard-earned money to the Pampers people?  Only if we live in Mexico!  Americans should boycott Pampers!

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  1. Nat says:

    Congrats on the birth of your new baby! I’m a mom of 2 and actually work for Pampers. Just thought I’d let you know that most of the Pampers sold in the USA are made in the USA at one of our two big diaper plants in PA and MO. Only a small percentage is sourced to our diaper plant in Mexico. While you’re still using disposable diapers, I hope you’ll give Pampers a try! Nat

    • Well, that’s good if it’s really true. Apparently in my neighborhood, we’re getting the Mexican-made Pampers. Can someone check in their neighborhood and see if they have American-made Pampers and post it here? We should hold these manufacturers’ feet to the fire whenever possible and let their outsourced products molder on store shelves.

    • ash says:

      Hi Nat! I’m doing a research project on Pampers diapers would you be willing to help?!!!!

    • Kishore says:

      So why do they not mention it on the packet, because nobody will buy them if they’re made in Mexico.
      And can you show a pack of Pampers which states they are made in USA

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  3. NJam101 says:

    I’m Canadian and I have no problem whatsoever if they come from the U.S. or Mexico. I’ve bought Pampers that were made in both countries. Many Mexicans buy Pampers so it’s only fair that P&G has a factory there since they are a large market. Procter and Gamble has some Canadian factories that make some of their products for the U.S. and Mexico.

  4. Mary B Duffy says:

    why are the pampers (swaddlers size 1) sold on amazon listing origin as Bulgaria ?

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