Lucchese: American Made Boots

Established in 1883, Lucchese Boots is an American company dedicated to quality, fit, and style. Every single Lucchese Classics, Lucchese 2000, and Lucchese 1883 boots are made 100% in the USA, from start to finish. There are over 120 steps in the boot making process at Lucchese and over 120 sets of hands touch each boot before it leaves the factory, which is located in El Paso, Texas. The boots are made from the finest grade leathers and constructed by human hands at virtually every step of their construction. In using the highest quality materials to craft each boot, Lucchese offers a comfort that is unmatched by lesser quality boots made off shore by machine. The cording is done by hand in over two dozen designs and they offer more than 100 stitching designs, some that are over 75 years old. Lucchese is a company that has been dedicated to employing Americans on American soil, and has done so since its beginning. In the words of Sam Lucchese, Jr., “The final truth is that throughout the whole boot factory, the quality chain is no stronger than its weakest link.” There is nothing more American than a cowboy boot and it is this commitment to quality that has kept Lucchese’s manufacturing process domestic since their inception in 1883.

Lucchese is also a proud supporter of the Military Warriors Support Foundation. MWSF provides funds for homes, counseling, jobs, and education for wounded veterans.


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6 Responses to Lucchese: American Made Boots

  1. Lynn says:

    I am a bit concerned about Lucchese’s. I bought a pair from a retailer that is on the Lucchese website. They said they were Lucchese’s but when I got them they were Resistol Ranch. No where on the boot did the name Lucchese appear. They were even stamped “made in Leon, Mexico”. I know Resistol Ranch is a company owned by Lucchese for their hats, but these products should not be sold by retailers as “Lucchese” if they are not made by Lucchese in El Paso, TX.(and no where on the boot does it say it’s a Lucchese!) I’m seeing this on more than one retailer site. Zappo’s site says on quite a few of their Lucchese’s: “made in Leon, Mexico”
    Help? Are Lucchese’s made in the USA or not?

  2. Dave says:


    The Resistol Ranch by Lucchese (now known as the red label Lucchese Since 1883 line) are made in Mexico. But the Lucchese Classics, the 1883 by Lucchese line, Lucchese 2000 (both of which now fall under the brown label Lucchese Since 1883 line)a, and Lucchese Cowboy (which might also fall under the brown label Lucchese Since 1883 line; I’m not sure) lines are all made in the USA. But an easier way to determine whether a particular Lucchese style is American-made or not, all you have to do is look at the style number. If it starts with M, it’s from Mexico. But if it starts with L, N, T, or C, then it’s from the USA. Hope that helps.

  3. JOE says:

    i was about to order a pair of lucchese boots from sheplers and i noticed it said IMPORTED…$700 boots imported??…i’ll order the justin’s instead..MADE IN AMERICA…

  4. pete says:

    your web-site is one big lie…you state you want to put americans to work but you make boots in mexico…what you should say is some of your boots are american made..what a disgrace ..corporate greed!

  5. I went to Sheplers to buy my first pair of boots in years. Shocked how many were foreign made. Found a pair of Lucchese USA made. Thanks you keeping SOME American Employment Opportunities!

  6. Neil says:

    Buying western boots made in China is just plain wrong. You’re paying the same price for reduced quality and supporting the exportation of American jobs if you’re buying these crap imports. The boot companies should be ashamed of themselves, but you who buy them are ultimately to blame.

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