Lawsuit Against Restoration Hardware Alleging Navy Chair Chinese Knock-off

I am writing to you because your organization caught my attention as being committed to promoting American manufacturing, and keeping American jobs in America. My organization, Emeco, produces high quality chairs originally developed for the U.S. Navy that are designed and manufactured in America.   Emeco has just filed a law suit against furnishing giant Restoration Hardware and its former CEO and present Gary Friedman, asserting claims for trade dress and trademark counterfeiting and infringement.

“What Restoration Hardware is trying to do is bad for the American consumer, bad for American jobs and bad for the global environment.”–Gregg Buchbinder, Emeco CEO.

The lawsuit alleges that Restoration Hardware has engaged in willful and flagrant infringement of Emeco’s trade dress and trademark rights for its world-renowned Navy Chair Navy Chair® by selling a series of cheap knockoffs with the near-identical “Naval Chair” name that copy verbatim the iconic and highly distinctive design of the Navy Chair®. The irreparable harm caused by Restoration Hardware to Emeco’s reputation and significant goodwill is massive, incomparable to that caused by a typical, small-time counterfeiter.. We see this as a direct attack on our livelihood as an American manufacturer and would appreciate your support.

Emeco Industries, Inc.
Lia Forslund,
Director of Communications

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